Day 1

Quick Tip: Daily Processes

Angela Mott, Production Support Team Leader

Quick Tip: Ares Web Reports

Kevin Ford, Training and Library Solutions Consultant, Atlas Systems

Assessing Course Reserves: Creating a Library-Wide Annual Report

Hilary Thompson, Head, Resource Sharing & Reserves, University of Maryland Libraries

Ares Batch Processing for Streamlined Worfklows

Kerry Keegan and Anne Marie Lyons, Training and Library Solutions Consultants, Atlas Systems


Day 2 

Time Saving Tricks: Clipboard Wizard and Keyboard Shortcuts

Kerry Keegan, Training and Library Solutions Consultant, Atlas Systems

Quick Tip: Do You Trust Your Instructors?

Jennifer Cella, Support Analyst II, Atlas Systems

Triple A: Ares, Avalon and an Addon

Kurt I. Munson, Assistant Head, Access Services & Alex Barontini, Reserves/ILL Assistant, Access Services from Northwestern University Libraries

What's Next for Ares?

Genie Powell, Chief Customer Officer, Atlas Systems