Train on your schedule with the Video Training Library

There certainly are times when you and staff benefit from the interactivity of live online classes. But there are also times when video tutorials will work just fine.

The Video Training Library brings videos, from beginner to advanced topics to your device of choice—desktop computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad.

  • 24/7 on-demand access to online class recordings, self-paced training modules, and tutorials
  • iPhone and iPad playback
  • Enhanced video quality
  • Class descriptions and links to handouts included
  • New classes added regularly

How to use the Video Training Library

An annual subscription to the Video Training Library gives you access to the information you need when you need it. Here are three ways your colleagues are using the training library.

  1. Getting help with a specific process at the time you are involved in that process. Perhaps you’re having trouble remembering something about copyright, or billing, or email routing. With a single click you can find help at your fingertips without needing to ask a colleague or call support.
  2. Improving productivity by learning about enhancements in new versions. We all know how easy it is to just keep doing what you’ve been doing. But with each new release of ILLiad, Aeon and Ares there are opportunities to make your life easier by changing workflow or processes.
  3. Training new staff. The Video Training Library is the most affordable way to get new staff up to speed on everything they need to know to get started using Atlas software. The Video Training Library includes sessions on all the basics up through more advanced processes.
The Video Training Library is affordable for every library’s budget. Flexible pricing starts as low as just $30 a month or $299 a year, with tiered pricing available for groups. Questions about pricing? Please email

"Having the Video Training Library has been great. We’ve hired 5 new ILL staff and cross-trained 4 other Access Services staff in the past year and a half, and I can’t imagine going through that process without it!"

"Thanks to the training we received we now have the resources and impetus to move forward with improved tools and optimism."

"We have been using ILLiad for about 10 years and we knew there were probably ways we could improve our workflows. I believe we will save significant time and/or money on every single request we process in both borrowing and lending thanks to the training we received."

"I’m excited about the new Colleague-to-Colleague videos in the Video Training Library. Having access to content that covers topics of importance such as library assessment and marketing makes the training library an even greater investment."