ArchivesSpace is an online and open source archives management system.  Atlas Systems offers hosting, training, migration, and implementation services.

This training series has been designed to help you navigate, customize, and identify processes for your ArchivesSpace system.

***We regularly add new content to this series.  If you don’t see a video covering a topic you need, please reach out to Atlas Training Staff at ***

Anne Marie Lyons
3h 14m 51s
August 08, 2016
April 13, 2018

ArchivesSpace Staff Interface
2m 33s
Repository Record Overview
2m 18s
Creating a Repository Record
3m 43s
Editing a Repository Record
0m 58s
Transferring a Repository
2m 30s
Creating User Records
1m 30s
Editing User Records
1m 6s
Changing a User Password
1m 10s
Deleting a User Record
1m 27s
Overview of Permission Groups
1m 31s
Creating Permission Groups
1m 27s
Editing Permission Groups
1m 23s
Deleting Permission Groups
1m 9s
Assign User To A Permission Group Within A Repository
1m 25s
System Administrative Permissions
1m 12s
Deleting a User from a Permission Group
1m 35s
Accession Records Review
3m 4s
Creating an Accession Record
1m 37s
Accession Record Basic Information
4m 41s
Editing an Accession Record
2m 9s
View Published Accessions
1m 9s
Adding Events to Accession Records
6m 42s
Deleting an Accession Record
2m 24s
Spawning Accession Records
1m 25s
Transferring Accession Records
1m 17s
Suppressing Access Records
1m 39s
Introduction to Resource Records
2m 27s
Spawning Resource Records from Accession Records
2m 8s
Basic Information Section - Resource Records
1m 44s
Editing a Resource Record
1m 14s
Publishing Resources
1m 10s
View Published Resources
0m 53s
Exporting a Resource
1m 48s
Suppress and Unsuppress Resources
1m 2s
Merging Resources
2m 18s
Transferring a Resource
0m 54s
Deleting a Resource
0m 39s
Archival Objects Overview
1m 47s
Archival Objects - Basic Information
1m 41s
Archival Objects - Instances
2m 9s
Link to Agent Records
2m 26s
Link to Classifications
1m 50s
Collection Management
3m 10s
2m 6s
4m 58s
1m 56s
External Documents
2m 45s
Instances and Containers
2m 8s
Instances and Digital Objects
1m 57s
Adding Related Accessions to Accession Records
2m 47s
Adding Related Accessions to Resource Records
1m 4s
Adding Related Resources to Accession Records
1m 44s
Rights Statement - Institutional Policy (pre-v2.1.0)
4m 24s
Rights Statement - Intellectual Property (pre-v2.1.0)
3m 48s
Rights Statement - License (pre-v2.1.0)
3m 0s
Rights Statement - Statute (pre-v2.1.0)
2m 33s
Link to Subjects
1m 42s
Agent Records Overview
1m 40s
Create Corporate Entity Agent
3m 55s
Create Family Agent
3m 39s
Create Person Agent
6m 12s
Create Software Agent
3m 7s
Agent - Notes Sub-Record
6m 38s
Related Agents Sub-Record
2m 45s
Editing Agent Records
0m 38s
Deleting Agent Records
1m 35s
Top Containers Introduction
2m 46s
Creating Top Containers
4m 48s
Editing Top Containers
1m 28s
Deleting Top Containers
1m 49s
Top Containers - Bulk Operations
2m 7s
Linking Top Containers
1m 26s
Container Profile Introduction
1m 45s
Creating Container Profiles
2m 22s
Editing Container Profiles
0m 45s
Deleting Container Profiles
0m 48s
Linking Container Profiles
1m 48s
Locations Introduction
1m 30s
Create Single Location
3m 34s
Creating Batch Locations
2m 43s
Linking Locations
2m 9s
Editing Locations
0m 36s
Deleting Locations
1m 6s
Locations Profiles Introduction
1m 25s
Create Location Profile
1m 58s
Linking Location Profiles
1m 21s
Editing Location Profiles
0m 41s
Deleting Location Profiles
0m 50s
Space Calculator Introduction
1m 33s
Using the Space Calculator in a Top Container Record
2m 40s
Using the Space Calculator in a Container Profile Record
1m 28s