At the 2012 ILLiad conference, NMSU and EKU presented about bundling Circulation/Hold and ILL services.  We were inspired and began investigating how we could setup a similarly unified experience.

Over the last few years, this investigation has yielded many transformative changes to the BYU library experience, both online and offline:

- New discovery layer that merges different editions and holdings of the same work into a single page, even when they are actually from separate catalog records.

- New request management system that streamlines the holds process and introduces some basic integrations between Holds and ILL.

- New "My Account" pages that use Web Service APIs to integrate user-specific account information from ILLiad, the ILS (SirsiDynix Symphony), course reserve, and non-library university data to provide an intuitive, unified account management service.

- Increased collaboration and cross-training between our Circulation, Holds, ILL, and Appeals/Resolution teams, improving the patron experience at the circulation desk.

In this session we will discuss the how and why behind these changes, demonstrate the new online tools, share the challenges and limitations we have encountered, and look at upcoming changes now in the works.

We hope that this presentation will inspire attendees to explore how existing but often siloed services can be unified at the point of service.

From a technical standpoint, we hope that attendees also come away knowing more about how separate systems (such as the ILS and ILLiad) can be integrated together using web services.

Scott Bertagnole
ILLiad 2016 Conference
0h 59m 42s
April 05, 2016
April 09, 2016

Improving the Library Experience by Transforming the Patron's Point of Service
59m 42s