ILLiad offers a number of ways to make custom searches easy to do and easy to repeat. By creating customized reports for subject specialists, you can increase the relevance of your own collection while highlighting the impact Interlibrary Loan has on each department within your institution. These custom searches can be paired with annual statistics and presented using graphic design tools, such as Canva, to create a marketing tool to increase your library’s reliance on your ILL department and to attract attention within the library to all that Interlibrary Loan can offer.  This presentation will show you how to use ILLiad’s custom reports and statistics in conjunction with design tools to draw attention to all your ILL department can do.


  • How to create and save a custom search to produce a semesterly report for each reference/subject librarian in your library,
  • The importance of a strong presentation of your reports and findings
  • How to create a visually appealing statistics report.
Marguerite Savidakis-Dunn
ILLiad 2016 Conference
0h 42m 21s
April 05, 2016
April 08, 2016

ILL by the Numbers - Using Custom Searches and Statistics to Increase the Noticeability of Your ILL Department
42m 21s