Our library recently integrated a new consortia-based interlibrary loan program into our pre-existing ILL department. We will examine the advantages  and disadvantages  of the new loan system versus traditional ILL, the obstacles involved in implementing a new system alongside the established workflow, and the strategies for advertising the new system to our patrons, while still promoting the usage of ILL.

The new system features fixed loan periods, fixed replacement fees, and uses an in-state library courier that is much faster than regular mail. There are, however, several ways that it can be further developed for more efficiency. The developing system lacks an easy way to collect data and does not consistently process multi-volume requests..

The future of our new system will depend on meetings with the other borrowing/lending libraries in the consortia to discuss known issues, improve data gathering, and effectively market the new system to patrons and practitioners alike.

We want attendees to be aware of the potential advantages and disadvantages to using a separate loaning network and how one might look to integrate it into their current ILL workflow.  Attendees will be encouraged to engage in discussion regarding consortial ILL agreements in their respective libraries.  The presentation will provide attendees talking points for these discussions to help them make informed decisions regarding their ILL workflows.

Kayla Birt Flegal
ILLiad 2016 Conference
0h 59m 59s
March 22, 2016
April 06, 2016

Integrating ILLs, Combining Consortial Loan Programs with ILLiad Workflows
59m 59s