Claremont Colleges Library’s (CCL) Resource Sharing department recently had the opportunity to become leaders and supporters of library wide changes and decision making, having significant impacts on library finances, campus perceptions of access, as well as regional community collaborations. The CCL was able to provide MORE access to our campus community through streamlined ILLiad workflows and system integration. Strong assessment and marketing of these major user experience changes is key to their ongoing success. This presentation will demonstrate assessment and outreach in action post major library-wide system migrations and enhancements. 

Attendees will take away:

  • Ideas for communicating statistics in meaningful ways
  • Ideas for expanding access through streamlined ILLiad workflows
  • Ideas for integrating themselves into library wide conversations, with a better understanding of how to demonstrate the impact of their value (assessment in action)
Micquel Little
ILLiad 2016 Conference
0h 52m 24s
March 22, 2016
April 08, 2016

Assessment in Action, Outreach Communications Post-System Migration
52m 24s