Since its commercial launch in April 2011, CCC's award-winning Get It Now service has been adopted by over 300 institutions of all types and sizes. Some institutions use it to augment ILL borrowing when they need an article quickly or if other sources can't meet their needs. Others use it once they exceed the rule of 5, while still others offer it to patrons as a round the clock alternative when the ILL office is closed. There are dozens of reasons to use Get It Now, could this mean that there is a good reason for you to use it? Get It Now provides academic library patrons with immediate fulfillment of unsubscribed journal articles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Available in an ILLiad-based  librarian-mediated workflow, an OpenURL link resolver-based unmediated workflow, or a hybrid of both workflows, Get It Now offers millions of journal articles from over 150 leading publishers virtually expanding your library collection to the delight of library patrons. In this session, Karen Melanson of CCC will give a brief overview of the workflows, features, and benefits of Get It Now so session attendees have a foundational knowledge of the service. Ben Hogben of Ithaca College and Anne Bouvier of SUNY Buffalo will then share why they chose to adopt Get It Now along with their experiences using it, including benefits derived, challenges faced, and future plans. We will then open the discussion up to the audience for questions and suggestions.

Karen Melanson
ILLiad 2016 Conference
0h 59m 26s
March 22, 2016
April 06, 2016

Yes, I use Get It Now. Should you?
59m 26s