Many times new ILLiad users are given training in all the basic processing procedures but may not have been given rationale for why things work the way they do. In this interactive session, we'll move beyond the "how" of ILLiad request processing to the "why." We'll walk through the basic Lending, Borrowing and Document Delivery workflows and discuss what's going on behind the scenes without getting too "techy."

Here some of the things you'll learn:

When can you manually route request vs. using auto-update options like Finished Searching

How ILLiad and OCLC WorldShare ILL work together

Best practices for each module

How your workflow affects your statistics

We'll assume a basic understanding of the ILLiad workflows, but you'll want to bring your questions and be ready for discussion. This session will appeal to those who want to know more than "just click here."

Heather Black
ILLiad 2016 Pre-Conference
2h 36m 30s
March 22, 2016
April 04, 2016

Part 1 Demystifying Basic ILLiad Processing
1h 13m
Part 2 Demystifying Basic ILLiad Processing
1h 23m