Resource sharing does more than allow for the exchange of articles and books between libraries. It allows for the opportunity to bring libraries together internally as well as externally through more dynamic collaborations. Using ILLiad, resource sharers are able to combine automatic data gathering with partnerships amongst their local colleagues, as well as peers from across the country, to become leaders of insight within their libraries. We as resource sharers have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on team efforts focused on local and shared collections, information literacy efforts, and user understanding of information access. 

We have the ability to pull many pieces of higher education learning together for our users and provide tools for future navigation of information once our graduates become contributing members of our communities, all within the framework of our existing ILLiad workflows. This session will explore resource sharing at a higher level and demonstrate the many ways we can utilize our daily workflows to become leaders of collaboration and support the success of our students.

  • How to identify opportunities for collaboration within their libraries. 
  • How to utilize their consortium and local resource sharing colleagues to start collaborative conversations beyond the exchange of articles and books. 
  • To identify where to begin incorporating leadership within their local library and departments.
Micquel Little
ILLiad 2015 Conference
0h 50m 48s
April 11, 2015
April 11, 2015

Leadership in Resource Sharing
50m 48s