Amherst College Library has long wanted to simplify patron options for requesting items, whether borrowed or purchased.  Since our adoption of ILLiad (circa 1999), patrons have encountered two interfaces to make their requests: for ILLs the ILLiad request, which is integrated via our link-resolver with our databases and catalog, or for purchases an independent webform  requiring patrons to type in or copy paste their citation information.  In mid-2014 we began customizing ILLiad to provide a single-stream, linked, mobile-friendly request service for ILLs and purchases.   We’ll describe our evaluation of options and our logic for selecting the course we took.  We’ll also outline the ILLiad customization required to accomplish our goals. The outcome and process is far from what we originally anticipated.  Come find out how!

  • How we evaluated options and selected the path we took.
  • What ILLiad customization was required to accomplish our goals.
  • User reaction to-date.
Jan Jourdain
ILLiad 2015 Conference
0h 51m 55s
April 10, 2015
April 10, 2015

ILLiad can a single stream request service work for ill and purchase requests
51m 55s