Although many U.S. libraries are now sharing their materials with the libraries in Japan through the OCLC and NCC GIF program, many aspects of the libraries in Japan and their resource sharing practices remain as a mystery partly because of the language and different resource sharing system used for ILL. This presentation is designed to inform U.S. ILL librarians on the resource sharing activities in Japan. In particular the National Diet Library’s Interlibrary loan procedures will be explained for the U.S. ILL librarians. In addition, most commonly used search tools for Japanese materials such as CiNii and NDL catalog will be introduced.


  • General knowledge of the ILL in Japan
  • How to request the materials from the National Diet Library.
  • How to search  the CiNii system and other finding tools in Japan.
Nobuhiko Kikuchi
ILLiad 2015 Conference
0h 54m 0s
April 10, 2015
April 10, 2015

Resource Sharing in Japanese Libraries
54m 0s