In an environment characterized by tightened budgets on the one hand and heightened uses of technology on the other, libraries have been increasingly adopting evidenced-based, data-driven management practices. This course will help you understand library assessment principles and how to apply them to designing and implementing successful assessment initiatives in your library.

You will learn how to formulate practical research questions that can lead to enhancements in service quality and improvements in operational efficiency. Drawing on examples from a variety of libraries and areas of library practice, the series presents strategies for data gathering and analysis, discerning underlying stories, and turning them into conversations that lead to action.

8m 43s
4m 56s
Question and Planning
8m 10s
Data Collection
8m 25s
11m 3s
Storytelling and Conversation
10m 41s
Action and Change
9m 53s
Organizational Culture
4m 47s