The ILLiad Basics Tutorial series is designed for those new to ILLiad. They provide foundational information on ILLiad’s main structural components as well as basic processing instructions for lending and borrowing. Learners who complete the series will have familiarity with ILLiad’s essential functionality.



1m 7s
Getting Started
6m 34s
9m 35s
Worfklow Vs Manual Routing
3m 22s
First Steps
4m 52s
Lender Address Records: New Libraries
9m 1s
Lender Address Records: Address Updates & Additions
7m 4s
Loans: Searching for Availability & Location
8m 14s
Canceling Requests
3m 25s
Print Pull Slips
3m 20s
Loans: Updating Stacks Search Results
3m 5s
Print Shipping Labels
1m 50s
Loans: Updating Lending Returns
3m 19s
Articles: Searching for Availability & Location
4m 32s
Articles: Lending From Print Collections
8m 50s
Articles: Lending from Electronic Collections
5m 49s
Articles: Other Delivery Methods
2m 4s
First Steps - Borrowing
1m 32s
Copyright Part 1: Information Display
4m 37s
Copyright Part 2: Processing Options
4m 25s
4m 53s
Creating OCLC Requests
4m 59s
Receiving Loans & Printing Identification Labels
3m 38s
Delivery Location Update & Customer Notifications
4m 23s
Check Out - Check In: Process
3m 9s
Check Out - Check In: Workflow Options
2m 32s
Printing Return Labels
2m 7s
Receiving & Delivering Articles: Introduction
1m 57s
Receiving and Delivering Articles: Odyssey Workflow
3m 37s
Receiving and Delivering Articles: Article Exchange Workflow
3m 29s
Receiving and Delivering Articles: Manual Processing
2m 10s
Receiving and Delivering Articles: Patron Perspective
1m 52s
Document Delivery for Articles in your Electronic Collection
3m 45s
Document Delivery for Articles in your Print Collection
3m 4s
Customization Manager Overview
5m 35s
Trusted Sender
3m 54s
ILLiad Implementation Conclusion
0m 24s