In early 2013, the University of Washington Interlibrary Loan department had close to 80 routing rules in ILLiad. I undertook a large project to review, reduce, and reorder the routing rules in an attempt to help our ILLiad run faster and more efficiently. Panic soon settled as I tried to decode each of the rules. It didn’t help me come down from the ledge that many of the rules had been written by staff who were no longer in our department. The first step in the whole process was to relax and take a giant deep breath. To help find my zen with the overwhelming number of routing rules, I wrote each routing rule on a color coded index card in plain human language. I then worked with the appropriate members of my team to help review the rules to reduce any unneeded or duplicate rules. At the end of the review, we had successfully decreased the number of rules to 16. To help place the remaining rules in the best order, a flow chart of the life cycle of both an article and book request was created. At the end of the project, our ILLiad routing rules were in a logical order that helped our system and office run more smoothly. In addition, staff now feel a sense of ease when needing to review or make changes to the list.

Amber Case
ILLiad 2014 Conference
0h 13m 14s
March 18, 2014
May 07, 2014