The University of Wisconsin system recently negotiated a 1 year eBook package that grants consortial access to eBooks. In order to provide data on the importance of investing in consortial eBook purchases, three UW system ILL departments, of varying FTE size, began collecting data on returnable ILL requests that went outside of the UW system, despite an eBook (or several copies) being owned within the system. With the use of ILLiad custom searches and the Exlibris Alma Primo addon, these ILL departments were able to retroactively search for ILL request that fit this criteria and collect data that included the number of eBooks owned within the system and the eBook vendor. This data was compiled and will be instrumental in future negotiations and funding for consortial eBook purchases.


***Due to little or no audio for this session, the video is unavailable. The .pdf has been provided as a resource in a link below.***

Mitchell Scott, Jennifer Huffman & Beth Kucera
ILLiad 2014 Conference
0h 0m 0s
March 17, 2014
April 22, 2014