Custom holdings and paths create a great efficiency for ordering interlibrary loan borrowing requests through ILLiad. Once set up, they make it quick and easy to create OCLC lending strings of preferred libraries to order from. Custom holdings and paths provide a way to organize OCLC symbols based on criteria such as consortia, fees, and shipping methods. Even so, at some point, we all need to update our custom holding groups and paths. How to go about this can seem like a challenging process. This session will cover the basics of custom holdings including how to update them in ILLiad, provide strategies for designing and maintaining them, and propose best practices for custom holdings based on a survey of current practitioners approaches to maintaining custom holdings.

Kristine Shrauger & Mary Radnor
ILLiad 2014 Conference, IDS Mentors
0h 32m 46s
March 17, 2014
December 07, 2015

Designing and Maintaining Custom Holdings
32m 46s