Get It Now from Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) complements your interlibrary loan (ILL) services by providing library patrons with the immediate fulfillment of full-text articles from unsubscribed journals — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service can be implemented using a librarian-mediated workflow, a patron-driven unmediated workflow, or a hybrid of both.

In late spring 2013 Furman Library set up unmediated access to a specific set of journals through Get It Now. Working Copyright Clearance Center, and EBSCO, Furman set up a custom link to allow students unmediated access to titles previously available only through Interlibrary Loan or via mediated pay-per-view access. On Tuesday May 21, 2013 we began offering unmediated access to these journal articles. Since that time Furman students, faculty, and staff have directly ordered articles through Get It Now to the delight of both library patrons and staff.

In this presentation attendees will learn how Furman set up this program, what and who it involved, and get an idea of student/faculty response. They will also be given a brief overview of the Get-It-Now service to aid in understanding Furman University Library’s use of and experience with the service.

Tim Bowen & Janet Nazar
ILLiad 2014 Conference
0h 31m 41s
March 17, 2014
April 11, 2014

Presenter Introductions
0m 56s
Part 1 - Tim Bowen
14m 12s
Part 2 - Janet Nazar
16m 33s