This online class includes 3 consecutive 90 minute sessions on ILLiad email questions such as:

  • Where are my email templates stored?
  • How can I edit the template?
  • If I edit a template, is it edited for everyone or just me?
  • How can I add a field to the template? How can I remove a field?
  • How can I see copies of emails that have been sent to patrons?
  • Which email is used for what in ILLiad?
  • How can I make a custom email?
  • Can I just email a patron from ILLiad to ask a question or send a note?
  • How does ILLiad know which email to use?
  • What if my email fails? Can I resend a failed email?
  • Can I schedule an email?
  • What if I want to email all of my Faculty users?
  • Can I email all of my users at once?
  • Can I require that my users use their insitution provided email address?
  • What is email routing?
  • Can I contact my branch library and ask them to pull a book for ILL via email?
  • Can I email patrons using an addon?
  • How do other libraries use email in ILLiad to streamline workflows?
Stephanie Spires
Borrowing, Overdues, Email Templates, Customization, Email, Lending, Email Routing, Templates, Intermediate, IDS Mentors
3h 26m 4s
January 23, 2014
December 07, 2015



Introduction and Email Overview
1m 29s
View or Edit User Email Address
3m 32s
Email Sent by the Client
10m 47s
User Email Address
19m 45s
Lending LIbrary Email Address
10m 19s
The Customization Manager
17m 15s
Types of Emails
2m 3s
How Are Emails Used?
1m 49s
Email Templates
8m 9s
Database Templates
20m 27s
Validation Rule-Choose a Status
3m 2s
Emails Sent by Client
16m 49s
Email Routing
18m 37s
Receiving or Viewing Emails
8m 53s
Contacting libraries about new department email
2m 34s
Email Errors
4m 13s
EmailTemplates Table
2m 27s
Server Emails
14m 12s
EmailCopies Table
1m 21s
Using Email Addons
6m 0s
Email Routing Unrequested
10m 55s
Email Routing Multiples
21m 26s